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Sponsors & Partners

Kate wouldn't be where she is today without the support and generosity of her incredible sponsors. Check out the brands and companies that have supported Kate in her journey. 


Kate has been sponsored by Asics since 2019. Asics has supported Kate through all of her highs and lows and has enabled her to go after her dreams.


Omnipod has sponsored Kate since 2019. They have been crucial in helping Kate accomplish her goals both on and off the track. Omnipod has also supported Kate's other passion of speaking and helping other individuals with type one diabetes.

Kate has been using Omnipod since 2013 and it has completely changed her life. She no longer has to remove her pump while competing and jump with blood sugars in the 300s. Now, Kate feels like she doesn't have T1D when she's on the track. 

Want To Support Kate?

Every bit of support helps Kate get one step closer to accomplishing her dream of becoming an Olympian.


There are several ways you can support Kate:

Sponsor a competition

Logo placement 

Social media partnerships

Purchase a T-Shirt  

Speaking request

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