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Kate Hall-Harnden

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Professional Track & Field Athlete | T1D Spokesperson



Kate Hall-Harnden is a 25-year-old 

Professional Track and Field 

Athlete from Maine. Diagnosed with Type One Diabetes and Celiac Disease at age 10, Kate immediately learned how to manage both diseases full time and tackled them head on at a young age. Since the day she self-injected insulin for the first time, Kate has wanted to prove that chronic illness wouldn’t stand in the way of her dreams. Since then, she has only gotten stronger and became a National High School Record Holder in 2015, 2x NCAA Champion, Olympic Trial Finalist, and USA Long Jump Champion. Kate's dream is to become an Olympian and she won't stop working as hard as possible until her dream becomes reality.

Kate Hall-Harnden




Competition Schedule

Dr. Sander Invitational - NY, USA

USA Championships - NM, USA

Speaking Schedule



Coaching and Training

One of Kate's passions is helping other athletes work towards their goals. In her free time, Kate individually coaches several athletes both on the track and in the weight room.

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Sponsors & Sponsorship Opportunities

Learn more about Kate's sponsors and find out how you can get involved to help support and Kate and her dreams

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